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There’s a lot to consider when enabling remote work to guarantee a safe and user-friendly experience.

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If your remote working solution was pieced together quickly in response to COVID restrictions, then it may be time to evaluate if there are improvements available or opportunities that have been overlooked. This short assessment evaluates your current environment and makes recommendations with estimated budgets for your Remote Work strategy.

Virtual desktop solutions allow you to maintain a perimeter around your corporate network, while safely extending the flexibility of remote work. They allow faster access to your business applications, and can easily scale if your workforce fluctuates.

Your devices are more vulnerable once they leave the office – be sure all your endpoint security strategies apply to your remote devices. For more detail see Secure My Devices.

If you can’t track, configure and update your devices while they’re outside the office, then future support issues are likely to arise, along with frustrated staff and unnecessary downtime. For more detail see Manage My Devices.

Autopilot solutions allow for brand new hardware to be provisioned automatically. Using a self-service solution with integrated VPN connectivity, you can reinvent your device replacement programs and ship hardware directly to your team members.


for your Remote Work Solution

Secure Connectivity

Ensuring your teams’ activity stays private.

Cloud-Managed Devices

to keep devices and apps current and supported.

Data Protection

via disk encryption, usb device policies and data sharing policies.

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“The support from Endpoint Focus is always reliable and timely. Our annual notebook replacements run like clockwork, and we’ve continually improved our security thanks to their advice. We can turnaround new applications to teachers and students in days, where it previously took much longer.”

James Sze

IT Systems Admin, Marymede Catholic College

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