Optimise and Secure User Authentication

Passwords are fallible – they can be guessed, stolen, or decrypted. Biometric and multi-factor authentication solutions provide increased security from adversaries and improved login experience.

How we can help:

Enforced MFA minimises the potential damage from credential-based attacks, ensuring your users are who they say they are. Depending on the platforms you need to protect, solutions may be built-in, or require a third-party solution.
Combine the increased security of MFA with a much improved user experience with biometric or passwordless login solutions. Windows Hello for Business is available to all Windows 10 Enterprise customers, plus third-party products can also support a broader range of devices.

Service and Admin accounts with greater privileges are the most coveted accounts. PAM solutions like Thycotic’s Secret Server act as a gateway between the credentials and the people who need access to them, along with an audit trail for which people have been granted access to each account.

Where do your team store credentials for external services? Are they shared? What happens when they resign? A Password Management solution ensures your colleagues don’t cut corners with passwords, and help your paid services remain secure.

Ask these questions

before you choose a secure authentication solution:


sensitive data should be protected?


is it being stored and accessed?


has privileged access to this data?


can better authentication protect this data?

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“The support from Endpoint Focus is always reliable and timely. Our annual notebook replacements run like clockwork, and we’ve continually improved our security thanks to their advice. We can turnaround new applications to teachers and students in days, where it previously took much longer.”

James Sze

IT Systems Admin, Marymede Catholic College

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