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Applications are critical tools for your business. We make sure your apps are available and working, for the relevant staff members.

How we can help:

We can take care of your software deployment requirements for small or large volumes. Our team has a wealth of packaging experience, and can provide fixed per-application pricing (minimum quantity applies).

It’s important to plan the application lifecycle, and steps you’ll use to release new versions of software. What will be packaged? What testing is necessary? How do we upgrade? Who is responsible for each task?

You’ll need a tool that can deliver applications to your devices, such as SCCM, Intune, or Automox. An App Store feature can also be useful for self-service installation. Your tool should also report on app installation and usage to help with license management.

If you run bespoke or legacy business software, there’s a good chance that your vendor’s installer won’t provide a hands-free installation that is fully-configured. Application Packaging (or Repackaging) tools allows the software and all customisations to be bundled into a compatible format for easy installation and removal. Application Virtualisation may also be considered.

IT Teams often have multiple approaches to delivering software – installing locally, virtual desktops, Citrix or Workspace environments, and multiple operating systems. Select an application delivery approach that will work across as many of your platforms as possible.

How we engage for Application Packaging

A well-defined process is essential for smooth upgrades.


You provide us with the application details, source files, and any custom install steps, along with details of who will handle testing.

Package & QA

We build an app package that covers all requirements, configure it within your deployment tool, and verify it will install, upgrade and uninstall on QA workstations.

Test & Deploy

Your tester(s) gets access to the new application, to check all important features are working. If successful, we proceed using an agreed deployment plan, and if not, we remediate any issues.


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“The support from Endpoint Focus is always reliable and timely. Our annual notebook replacements run like clockwork, and we’ve continually improved our security thanks to their advice. We can turnaround new applications to teachers and students in days, where it previously took much longer.”

James Sze

IT Systems Admin, Marymede Catholic College

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