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Traditional Windows deployment tools provide the quickest deployments, are most-flexible for design, and make it simple to rebuild a problematic PC to resolve a support issue. Ensure your OS deployments consume minimal time from your IT and Business staff. MEM/SCCM and MDT are the most common, but we also work with some third-party tools.

Ditch your custom image, and open the door to remote hardware provisioning, where you can deliver a new PC directly to each staff member (at home even!). Autopilot is slated as the future of Windows deployment, and it’s ready to go today.

It’s a challenge to standardise servers when they’re spread across hybrid environments. Start off on the right foot (consistently!) with a Server Deployment Solution that can support all your target environments.

Do you have a growing fleet of Apple Macs that are too often overlooked? Improve your compliance and support levels by standardising your macOS deployments.

Essential Parts of OS Deployment Solution

Make sure your project goals consider:


Fast to initiate a deployment. And fast to complete. Overcome the bottlenecks, and make it straightforward to add new changes.


The goal is for a workstation to be ready for use on first logon. Include the required apps and configuration from the very beginning.


Ensure your workstations have current apps, patches, and firmware; and are compliant with security standards before they’re out in the wild.



deployed by customers using our solutions.

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“The support from Endpoint Focus is always reliable and timely. Our annual notebook replacements run like clockwork, and we’ve continually improved our security thanks to their advice. We can turnaround new applications to teachers and students in days, where it previously took much longer.”

James Sze

IT Systems Admin, Marymede Catholic College

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