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No organisation is immune from today’s cyber threats – and the costs of a breach are escalating each year. The impacts can cripple business performance, damage customers and partners, and tarnish reputations. Are you willing to let it happen on your watch?

Remote workstations are targeted as much as your servers. Given today’s threats, it’s never been so important to have a multi-pronged endpoint security strategy.

How we can help:

With file-less and malware-less attacks becoming prevalent, staying safe hinges on a great Endpoint Detection & Response solution. It requires monitoring every action, tracking behaviours, and even watching actions between devices – no easy task. Plus built-in tools to allow safe remediation of a compromised device. We stand behind the CrowdStrike Falcon suite, along with many happy customers. See why we recommend CrowdStrike

Threat Actors are better resourced and moving faster. As a result, published vulnerabilities are being weaponised very quickly. To keep your organization protected, its critical to have an efficient strategy for deploying OS patches, third party software updates, and device driver and firmware updates.

Reporting on vulnerabilities in your environment is useful only if you’re actioning the changes to address them. This service keeps your endpoints current – OS, software and firmware – along with recommended changes to keep your defences strong.

Since breaches can happen while you sleep, a 24/7 monitoring and response service will ensure the fastest response. We recommend the CrowdStrike Falcon Complete service – a global team that undertakes threat hunting and breach remediation. You’ll also receive cybersecurity breach warranty covering up to $1M worth of damages, which to date has never been claimed.

Unfortunately, Windows does not ship with the most secure options enabled. Microsoft / CIS Security Baselines provide recommendations for a hardened system. Similarly, ACSC make recommendations for hardening Office macro security. If you haven’t reviewed these recently, we can assist in implementing a more secure baseline, testing with your business critical apps, and then releasing to all devices.

The ASCS has developed an Essential Eight Maturity Model to help organisations protect themselves against cyber threats. We can align your security strategy to the Essential Eight, and help you move to higher maturity levels.

Are your security measures sufficient for today’s threats? Take the 5-minute Ultimate Endpoint Security Assessment and see how your business scores!

Navigating the Essential Eight Maturity Model

How we help you address each mitigation strategy outlined in the Essential Eight.

Mitigation StrategyEF Solution

Application Control

Our partner Airlock Digital provides best of breed application allow-listing and control

Patch Applications

Our partners Patch My PC and Automox automate third-party application patching, removing the need to manually package and deploy application updates

Configure Microsoft Office macro settings

We use Group Policy or Device Configuration Profiles in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) to implement ASCS compliant Microsoft Office macro settings

User Application Hardening

We use Group Policy or Device Configuration Profiles in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) to implement ASCS compliant Application Hardening settings for Office, Web Browsers and PDF software

Restrict Administrative Privileges

We use Group Policy or Device Configuration Profiles in Microsoft Endpoint Manager to restrict the use of Windows administrative privileges.

CrowdStrike Falcon Discover helps our customers identify local administrator accounts in real-time, and enforce compliance rules

Patch Operating Systems

Operating System patches can be delivered via Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), or via our partner Automox.

CrowdStrike Spotlight provides real-time insights into operating system and third-party application vulnerabilities, allowing our customers to prioritise which patches are deployed, and visibility into how many devices are affected

Multi Factor Authentication

We control and enforce Multi Factor Authentication using Conditional Access rules in Microsoft Azure, or via a third-party identity providers such as Okta.

We have helped organisations tailor their Multi Factor Authentication configuration to follow the ‘north star’ recommendation of ’only one prompt, per user, per device, per password change’

Regular Backups

While we do not specialise in backups, we partner with several consulting firms who do, and can help you comply with this mitigation strategy

Securing your endpoints is now more important than ever

Make sure your project goals consider:


Automate software updates and third-party application updates to remove reliance on manual intervention, providing faster reaction time to vulnerabilities and a reduced surface attack vector.


Invest in an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Platform that will provide you real-time insights and alerts to potential threats and suspicious activity in your environment. Legacy AV providers cannot protect against modern file-less and malware-less attack techniques.

Essential Eight

Ensure your workstations have current apps, patches, and firmware; and are compliant with security standards before they’re out in the wild.


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